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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Home Again (an original poem)

The day breaks with a clap of thunder and a peel of lightning
the chirping of birds goes silent in the ominous darkness.
Sunshine breaks through these thunderheads of autumn
cascading rays shine, warming the cool damp earth.

A flood of emotion overwhelms me to my knees
bringing Your Spirit back home after so long a time away.
The wisdom of another world gets cataloged in the vault of my mind
making my heart shed long awaited tears of joy.

Within this new awakening, Your Presence finally reaches my soul.
I stand shivering, elated from the warmth of Your touch.
Gently Your warm affirmations soothe my spirit, helping me
trudge through the memories of my life's most dreariest of events.

All of my triumphs and hardships are brought to Your doorstep
You see into my dark heart and cast aside the longing.
Welcoming and lovingly You open my heart to my mind
letting them commune with one another after so long a time apart.

At peace and in the folds of infinite oneness
Your promised gift to me I will cherish in my heart of hearts.
With love and affection I now walk among the many
sharing what I have been given to all who have yet to become.

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